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Introductory workshops are a great way to find out about how the Alexander Technique can help significantly with pain, mobility issues and performance.The following workshops are available to book.

Sat 25th May 2024  

For more information and tickets

Or email Kathy -

6 Week Group Mindful Motion Course

Group course give a fantastic grounding in how the Alexander technique promotes pain free living. 

Start Date Fri 19th April to Fri 24th May

12pm to 1pm

For more information and tickets

Or email Kathy -

Kathy is available to book for in-house introductory workshops in the work place for essential well being focused training which will benefit staff professionally and in their personal lives. 

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The Alexander Technique is a unique form of education that teaches

awareness of ingrained habits affecting our posture and the way

we do everyday things like walking, sitting, using digital devices,

driving etc. Over time these postural habits can result in painful

functional problems with the back and neck, including nerve pain. 

The technique relieves pain and stiffness by preventing these habits and allows you to

move with comfort and ease.

Gold standard randomised clinical trials have proven that the

Alexander Technique offers effective and long term relief to back pain, reducing days of pain by 85% a year after lessons.



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