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Introductory workshops are a great way to find out about the Alexander Technique and how it can help with pain, mobility issues and stress. For more information go to the worships page. 

How can Alexander Technique lessons help you? 

Alexander Technique lessons benefit people who suffer from back, neck or any joint pain by teaching how to improve postural habits to ease and prevent pain. It is also well know for improving performance and is often taught in music academies, on performing arts courses and improves performance in sports and in a wide range of athletic endeavours. 

Alexander Technique lessons are also effective in reducing stress and anxiety. 

Am I able to benefit from Alexander Technique lessons?

Alexander Technique is for all ages. Mostly people wish they'd done it earlier!

It is valuable at all stages in life and can be especially so during life's changes and challenges such as recovery from accidents, illness and/or surgery. 


What can I expect from a lesson? 

Lessons are typically 45mins long. The teacher will guide with verbal and hands on guidance simple everyday activities such as walking, standing up and sitting down, sitting at a desk, picking things up etc  Through this process the pupil becomes aware of movement habits which are counter to easy free movement and they learn to move without these habits and ease the built up tension that poor movement habits can bring. Clients comment they feel lighter and easier after a lesson. 

How many lessons will I need?

Usually pupils will have between 12 and 24 lessons to gain the long term benefits. The closer the lesson are together the better especially in the first few weeks. Learning any new skill takes a bit of time and commitment. For more information on this go to:


How does the Alexander Technique work?

Without knowing, many of us use excessive tension for simple everyday tasks, often causing compression on the spine and subsequently other joints, resulting in pain. Although the human body's upright design is built for speed, dexterity and fine motor skills, many of us find ourselves suffering from unexplained and on going physical ailments. Put very simply, modern life is not what nature designed us for. Due to this, as we grow up we develop postural and movement habits which can interfere with our natural poise and balance. This can then lead to painful mechanical problems. With Alexander Technique lessons clients find their natural alignment and learn to work and play with improved use of their bodies, less tension and pain. 

The lessons are not purely concerned with body mechanics and movement but include conscious awareness. The 'thinking' in activity prevents old habits of excessive tension or poor posture. This creates the possibility for a more natural way of moving without the harmful interference these habits can bring. By using some very simple tools taught in the lessons in daily life, symptoms of discomfort and pain can be alleviated long term. 

The Alexander Technique has been widely taught to musicians, actors, dancers and athletes as part of their training to improve performance and prevent injury.  It is a form of body and mind awareness education not found in other pain remedies. The technique is a foundation from which to improve the quality performance, exercise and life in general. 

A course of weekly lessons is recommended. How many lessons are necessary very much depends upon the individual and this can be discussed in the first lesson. Most people initially have lessons once a week and as they make progress once every two weeks.

For more detailed information on the effectiveness and desired frequency of lessons you can see the results of a gold standard clinical trial published by the British Medical Journal by clicking on this link:

Alexander Technique publications
F. Matthias Alexander portrait photo
British Medical Journey Video on the Alexander Technique
Learn more about the Alexander Technique


Click on the books to find useful links to more detailed information about the Alexander technique and training to be an Alexander Technique Teacher. 

About F M Alexander

​​Click here to find out the history of how and why the founder of the Alexander Technique came to created and teach his technique.

Gold standard Clinical Trials 


The British Medical Journal published the gold stand clinical trials into how The Alexander Technique can help back and neck pain sufferers. This video gives insight into the results of the trials. 

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